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In your language, are reading and writing easy or difficult for you?
How did you learn to read and write?
Years of education:
Other languages you speak:
Other languages you read or write:
What type of materials do you like to read in your language?
What do you write in your language?
Have you studied English before? Yes / No Where?
How long have you studied English?
Describe your ability in English: (understanding is...)
Describe your ability in English: (speaking is...)
Describe your ability in English: (reading is...)
Describe your ability in English: (writing is...)
Why do you want to learn English?
What is the most important thing you want to learn?
What questions do you have about this course?

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This quiz is for logged in users only.


Welcome to your WRITING TEST

• Write a personal profile about yourself for a website where you can meet new Internet friends. You
should answer these questions:
- What is your name, age, etc?
- Where you are from, and what do you do?
- What do you look like, and what sort of person are you?
- What are your interests and your likes/dislikes?
- What sort of new friends do you want to meet?
• Write an email to a friend from another part of the world who wants to know more about your
country. You can use your own ideas, and/or you can describe some of these things:
- how big the country is, where it is and what the land is like (forests, mountains, etc)
- main cities, famous landmarks and tourist attractions
- the local language(s) and culture
- what the people are like
- traditional food, music, dances, etc of your country
You should finish your email by inviting your friend to visit your country some time so that they
can see what it is like.
• Write about a strong childhood memory – for example, something that made you very happy or
very frightened. Briefly explain how old you were and where you were, and tell the story of what
happened. Try to remember details such as sounds, smells, colours and the weather, and describe
these in your story. Explain how you felt and why you felt this way. How do you feel now about
the event?
• Write a review of your favourite film, play or book. Explain what type of work it is (for example, a
comedy film, a romantic novel, etc.) Say where and when the story takes place, and briefly
describe what happens. Describe the main characters, and say whether you like or dislike each of
them, and why. Try to explain why this work is your favourite.
• Write an article discussing whether you think our world is getting better or getting worse. You can
use your own ideas, but you might like to include some of these issues:
- medicine, scientific research, technology
- war, conflict between countries/groups
- freedom and human rights
- education, knowledge and skills
- quality of life

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